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If you’re faced with the end of a marriage, or with a custody dispute, you want a trusted, aggressive litigation team led by seasoned divorce attorneys and financial advisers, including forensic experts and health care professionals.
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Father's Rights

Fathers are sometimes given second-class status in Colorado “custody” cases. Assumptions by courts are made every day about father’s ability to give his kids love and affection.
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Mother's Rights

The time a mom gets to spend with her kids is precious. During a divorce, it can feel as if that precious time is being threatened or taken away. Throwing terms around like “sole custody” and “visitation”.
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Divorce Cases

Our firm handles hundreds of divorce cases every year, ranging from the highly complex asset cases to bitterly contested custody battles, and every type in between. Not every divorce requires a court battle but you'll want a lawyer who's been through it all.
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Parenting Time

Litigation cases over parenting time are some of the most highly contested cases. People fight over their children more than anythign else and for good reason - Parents want to be sure that the right happens for their kids.
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Child Support

Determining a child support order in a case may be technical, while in others, it's straight forward. Collecting child support, likewise, can be an arduous task involving garnishments, seizing driver's licenses and even jail time.
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Surviving Divorce

Men's Health - Divorce can seriously impact a man’s health, creating long lasting health issues.
Women's Health - Family law cases are hard for everyone and women need to find ways to reduce stress.
Domestic Violence - Sadly, domestic violence occurs too often, Learn how to protect yourself.

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Johnson Márquez Family Law is here to help navigate the tough times of a divorce. Things can be confusing, so our family law lawyers work with clients to clarify the process and to make it easy for you to make smart choices.
Trust the relationship with your family law lawyer. You need honest answers and reassurance and you get that with their expertise in this difficult and confusing process.
There’s no doubt you should consult an expert family law lawyer to protect your interests in these cases, and doing research on family law attorneys in your area is a place to start.

About us

At Johnson Marquez, our teams of leading Family Law Attorneys situated in Denver, Colorado are more than just attorneys. We are legal representatives that sympathize with our clientele and fight hard to ensure they see justice served. Previous client success will confirm our reliability as a law firm with effective and nationally recognized attorneys.

Domestic violence is serious business.

All the litigation and legal processes involved within domestic violence are difficult and emotional experiences for everyone involved. Divorce, annulment and family law are just a few of the things that clients need to keep in mind when they pursue a divorce or legal action against someone who has committed an act of domestic violence towards them.

It’s important to realize you’re not alone.

Nobody wants to go through divorce, or be a victim of domestic violence. However, it’s important to realize that these incidents happen to other Americans daily, and that there is no shame in standing up for yourself and reporting injustice.

Johnson Marquez will provide the finest legal advocacy in fighting for your protection, ensuring you have nothing to fear and that you can stand tall in front of the court system. Our outstanding family law attorneys deliver justice for you.

In the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s 2014 report on facts surrounding domestic violence, they recorded that one in four women will experience domestic violence within their lifetime. They also report that historically, females are victimized by someone they know, and that “most cases of domestic violence are never reported to the police.” What’s more concerning is that an estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year. Marriages are supposed to be loving and supportive relationships though not without its ups and downs. Everyone deserves justice and protection. Don’t spend time justifying a violent act or making excuses for others; take action.

In the 2014 Supreme Court Case of US v. Cattleman, the US Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women defined “domestic violence” to include “…hitting, slapping, shoving, grabbing, pinching, biting and hair-pulling.” No matter how insignificant the offense may feel to you, it may be a smart decision to analyze your relationship for further signs of abuse and take action. In this same case, they outline the dangers of having guns in troubled households, stating that “when a gun was in the house, an abused woman was 6 times more likely than other abused women to be killed.” Don’t let intimidation, economic abuse or emotional trauma get in the way of the justice you deserve. Johnson Marquez will advocate for you with the finest strategic legal protection.

Remember, abuse can start small and become increasingly intense.

Don’t hide injustices or make excuses for loved ones; let Johnson Marquez help you determine if divorce through our family law attorneys is the appropriate course of action. Don’t let the system of power and control in an abusive relationship stop you from living the life you deserve; call Johnson Marquez immediately at 720.863.6331 for representation in Denver, CO and all surrounding regions.

Also, Johnson Marquez urges you to call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1.800.799.7233 for more information or to get help immediately. Stand up against violence. There is protection available from some of the best lawyers in the country in Denver, Colorado and all over the United States. We will handle divorces, annulments and all other related litigation including restraining orders and pursuance of criminal charges.

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