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Custody plans, or parenting plans, can be some of the hardest aspects of divorce. Good plans require cooperation from both parents. Parents who put their kids first can develop a tailored parenting plan that is flexible, fair, and in the best interests of their children. Our team at Johnson Márquez Legal Group can help you protect your family throughout this process. Each Denver divorce lawyer on our team is committed to our clients.

Learn more about parenting plans in Colorado by reading the following topics:

Understanding Parenting Plans

We’ve used the word “custody” here only because that’s what most people think of when they talk about time with their kids after a divorce. Colorado law doesn’t recognize the word. Instead, we talk about “parenting time” and “decision-making.”

Parenting time addresses dates, times, places, and scheduling, answering questions such as:

  • How will the week be split up between the two homes?
  • Where will transitions occur?
  • What are the arrangements for holiday parenting time?
  • What will summer schedules look like?

The best way to keep a parenting plan from becoming confrontational is to make it extremely detailed. This provides certainty and security. You can always make changes to the parenting time by agreement of the parties. In our experience, the more detail a plan contains, the more likely it is to endure. The less detailed the plan, unanticipated circumstances are more likely to arise and cause conflict.

Decision-Making & Parental Plans in Colorado

Who decides which school a child attends, which church they go to, which doctor they see? These decisions have lasting effects on the well-being and development of a child. Because of this, courts separately consider each parent’s ability to make wise decisions for the child. Decision-making responsibility is allocated accordingly.

The court will determine if the parents are able to work together on all decisions, or whether the decision-making responsibility should be divided up. Another consideration for determining decision-making may be a review of how the family reached decisions before the divorce began. How did the parents select the doctor, the school, or the day care? These factors will play a role in the final decision.

Fighting Over “Custody” — You Need the Right Lawyer on Your Side

“Custody” battles can be the most expensive aspect of a Colorado family law case. Not only do these conflicts exhaust bank accounts, they can work irrevocable harm on the parties and the children. Entering into a high-conflict custody case should be a carefully considered option with realistic goals.

Many of these fights are legitimate and necessary. There’s no escaping a conflict when you feel your child is in danger, or when the other parent makes false accusations. In these and many other circumstances, parents have little choice but to engage in a legal battle. In these cases, it becomes even more important to use cost-saving measures.

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