Fees & Costs

Attorney Fees & Costs

Johnson Márquez Legal Group: Denver Divorce Lawyers

Johnson Márquez Legal Group proudly serves clients throughout Colorado including Denver, Colorado Springs. Our attorneys focus on cost-effective, strategic legal protection of clients involved in family law cases. With over 100 years of combined experience in family law cases, we’re acutely aware that divorce may come at a high cost whether it is financial, emotional, or both.

The lawyers at Johnson Márquez Legal Group do our best to help you manage the attorney fees and costs in your case. It’s important to layout for potential clients what they should expect and how they can assist us in controlling the financial impact a family law case might have. Colorado family law cases handled by Johnson Márquez Legal Group include:

  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Domestic violence protection
  • Support
  • Modifications

The cost of a family law case is determined by many factors, the most important of which is the degree of conflict. Often, a client’s ability to control the degree of conflict in a divorce or custody dispute is limited, but there are almost always strategies that can be used to conserve resources and minimize conflict. Other common factors include poor strategic planning and selecting an attorney based on factors not related to the end result.

Fees & Costs

At Johnson Márquez Legal Group, we provide our clients with a convenient, "pay as you go" payment option to avoid excessive retainers up front and allow clients to manage the cost of their case more directly. You should carefully discuss all fee agreements with your attorney.

It's important to realize there's no such thing as an “average" cost for a divorce; they’re all different, and all require different levels of debate, litigation, and evidence presentation. It helps to find effective and experienced legal protection, in the form of great lawyers who handle divorces.

What are retainer fees?

Whether you schedule a free consultation with our office or any other, potential clients should ask lawyers about their retainer fee. Simply defined, a "retainer fee" is a sum of money paid in advance in order to secure representation by a lawyer. A retainer is not a "flat fee," nor will the amount of the retainer likely cover the attorney fees and expense for an entire case. Rather, keeping a lawyer on retainer serves as a deposit to ensure that a lawyer can represent you throughout the entire case.

Fees & Costs

Johnson Márquez Legal Group offers a "sustainable retainer" system, where our clients post a lower retainer than most of our competitors. Our clients pay their fees and expenses as they’re incurred. Twice a month, our billing department collects the fees and costs incurred on each case.

Every divorce and family law dispute includes issues that directly affect the costs of legal representation and courtroom strategies. Since conflict is the most impactful of the cost factors, even the greatest divorce attorneys cannot predict what a case may cost since disagreements may develop at any point, including in the courtroom.

In some divorce cases, a party may be opposed to separation, or may be emotionally paralyzed by the separation. It's common for complications in a case to arise over subjects such as custody, dividing of funds, and legal action including criminal charges such as abuse or drug and alcohol violations. Similarly, the speed of courtroom procedures can be reliant on which judge you are assigned and the complexity of the issues in your case. Any complication resulting in extra courtroom procedures will usually result in fees to go along with them.

With all of these factors considered, contact Johnson Márquez Legal Group today for your free consultation. During this consultation we will assess the level of conflict and uniqueness of your situation, along with a strategic approach, and review what potential costs you may encounter during your family law case.