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Even though our main office is in Denver, Colorado, Johnson Marquez is not just a law firm that serves the state of Colorado and its surrounding regions.

We are national leaders in the field of family law, fully utilizing our team of experts to protect the best interests of our clientele. Our extensive attorney bios will help you decide on your best legal team.

We practice the latest and greatest in cutting-edge cost reduction techniques. Each new lawyer we bring on board gets a full year of mentoring, which is just one of the ways we push our lawyers to be the best in their field. This mentorship includes courtroom techniques, ethical studies, writing skills, time management and case strategizing. This system of training has created a strong group of legal professionals proficient in litigation and proceedings regarding a vast array of needs in the fields of family law and marital disputes. In all, the biographies of our attorneys should speak for themselves.

Our legal group prides itself in our commitment to grow and become more skillful even beyond the mentoring process. We are constantly improving ourselves, developing new skills and techniques, as well as reinforcing our skills in existing ones. Even after a year of mentoring our attorneys still receive training and support with all sorts of programs and seminars on courtroom skills, ethical practices, professionalism and more. Our family law attorneys are also urged to travel the country and attend conventions and workshops; either as a presenter or as an attendee.

Incompetent legal defense will be at a disadvantage in the courtroom and an expense to the client, both in time and money. Johnson Marquez gains a distinct advantage during all court proceedings with the use of advanced technology and a team of experts across the country. Our attorney biographies are concrete proof that we only hire the best, and then we work to improve on their skills and knowledge in order to help all of our clients succeed in court.

We utilize many techniques that set us aside from a typical law firm. For example, we don’t have a single copier or local server at any of our offices, and we use 21% of the average amount of paper for most law firms. Likewise, we pay to ensure our servers are all off-site in a high-security facility. All of these things and more combine to create better service at a lower price to the client. Review each profile for our valued team of attorneys. After seeing our different areas of expertise and extensive experience in our team, call us for a free consultation at 720.863.6331. Know your rights and protect yourself with the best attorney and strong legal defense. Call us and start getting the answers that you need, when you need them.

  • M. David Johnson Managing Partner
  • Jason A. Márquez Senior Partner
  • Rachel A. Catt Senior Associate
  • Ashley A. Hughes Associate Attorney
  • Chris R. Basler Associate Attorney
  • Zachary A. Chapman Associate Attorney
  • Rachel L. Young Associate Attorney
  • Haily Kolberg Associate Attorney

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