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Free Divorce Attorney Consultation in Colorado


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Johnson Marquez’s divorce lawyers in Colorado offer comprehensive legal defense and consultation concerning divorce and the split of a marriage.  If you are having a problem with your marriage and you need divorce lawyers to help with the split, know that the process takes time and you should seek legal protection as soon as possible.


Schedule a free divorce attorney consultation with our associates to review your options and the impact of divorce.

At the Johnson Marquez Legal Group, our priority is to make sure you are safe and protected.  During our complimentary meeting we can talk about things like setting up restraining orders, and keeping you protected while you are undergoing divorce litigation.  Our divorce attorneys provide strategic legal advice and stand by every client throughout the entire ordeal.  We will assist with a fair division of assets and custody disputes.


Abuse and mistreatment in a marriage manifests itself in more ways than throwing fists. 

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, or NCADV, economic abuse, intimidation, coercion, threats, isolation and blaming can all be identified as domestic violence or abuse.  These abusive behaviors don’t just impact women; men experience these types of abuse regularly as well. Additionally, the NCADV regards domestic violence as “chronically underreported” in the United States.  If you find yourself in fear, let Johnson Marquez and law enforcement bring you peace and don’t be afraid of the consequences of reporting an abuser.


Divorce and the decision to have one should never fall to divorce attorneys. 

When your marriage is experiencing difficulties, go to family and close friends to discuss exactly what is going on.  Don’t allow yourself to be abused or controlled, but also don’t jump into a decision.  In the state of Colorado there is a 90-day “cooling” period for all divorce cases, so be prepared to wait a few months; there is no way to expedite the process outside of extreme circumstances.


At Johnson Marquez, we take everything surrounding family law seriously and we understand that when people are faced with ending a marriage, not only is it difficult, but the prospect of struggling through all of the litigation and legal battles is a daunting task.  That is why we offer free consultations surrounding your situation and all of the factors within.  Every divorce is different; sometimes abuse is not a factor.  However, in all cases, they need to be analyzed seriously with professional consultation in order to avoid disaster.


Check our website today to request free consultation.  Either we can contact you, or you can send us some information about yourself and then we can contact you at your earliest convenience.  Also, Johnson Marquez is available by phone at 720.863.6331.