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Family Law & Domestic Violence

Escaping the Cycle of Violence Takes Courage

It’s completely normal to feel uncomfortable discussing domestic violence or spousal abuse. However, it’s also important to protect yourself and know your rights. You have the right to live out your life without fear of assault or injury. Domestic violence is a serious violation of someone’s civil liberties, and in recent years, the U.S. Department of Justice has amended the exact definition of domestic violence to greater defend victims of abuse and bring the perpetrators to justice.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, immediately call 911.

Domestic violence is often the result of abuse from one party to another, including:

  • Spouse
  • Ex-spouse
  • Sibling
  • Parent
  • Significant other
  • Someone living in the same household

What Should I Do if I Am Being Abused?

Colorado divorces are litigated on a no-fault basis, which means that they do not pay attention to the altercations and arguments concerning a divorce, including domestic violence. This is why it’s so important to obtain strategic, thorough, and knowledgeable legal defense. Johnson Márquez Legal Group will work with prosecutors and judges to ensure that your suffering does not go unnoticed. Our Denver family law attorneys take domestic violence very seriously.

If you are the victim of domestic violence, take legal action. Contact Johnson Márquez Legal Group today at (303) 394-3030.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline’s website reveals that on average, there are 24 victims of physical violence, stalking, or rape by an intimate partner per minute. This comes out to over 12 million people every year. The hotline can be reached at (800) 799-7233 or (800) 787-3224. Don’t be afraid to stand up against abuse. Johnson Márquez Legal Group can help you protect yourself.

The United States National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) outlines the facts. One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime, and most cases of domestic violence are never reported to law enforcement. Don’t contribute to this statistic. Know your rights and get yourself the legal protection you deserve; don’t hesitate to get law enforcement involved.

We Work to Help Families of Domestic Violence

Our team of family law attorneys serves Denver and the surrounding areas, and we know the appropriate course of action to pursue when presented with any case involving domestic violence. Effective legal representation can only be provided after a client has decided their marriage is irreparably damaged.

Once a client has made that final decision, however, Johnson Márquez Legal Group will move in with calculated efficiency. There’s no such thing as an emergency divorce. In Colorado, every divorce will take a minimum of 90 days. However, divorce and domestic violence are handled differently. When you have been abused or regularly experience household disturbances, it’s time for a change.

Before consulting any family law attorneys or pursuing divorce, always consult trusted loved ones and make your own decision about the fate of your marriage. Once you make this resolution, retain the representation of our firm. We will walk you through the whole process and get you the legal protection you deserve.

Our firm proudly offers free, initial case reviews. Call today to schedule yours.